Meet Victoria Clark

Get to Know Victoria Clark

Victoria's positivity and optimism are the first things you notice about her, but it doesn't take long to discover her intelligence and professionality. A fast-learner, and someone who is genuinely empathetic to every customer, we couldn't think of a better woman to be our Customer Service Team Lead.

Tell us about yourself. What’s interesting or fun about you? What do you love to do, and why?

Traveling is my passion, cooking is my therapy; combine those two and you have a perfect vacation! Working with the international catalogue every day makes my imagination fly around the world, giving me an unstoppable flow of ideas about my next getaway. Besides that, I enjoy a cup of freshly brewed morning coffee with a piece of dark chocolate on the side to fine-tune me for the day!

What are your favorite holidays?

I never stop looking forward to Women´s Day. For some reason, this holiday was engraved deeply into my memories and my inner little girl craves for chocolates and tulips on March 8th. Only my birthday can come close to that!

What are your favorite products in the GBO catalog?


I am weak to chocolate, cheese and red wine. Our catalogue is so rich with these combinations it is challenging to pick a few. I simply love these thoughtful gifts, they look and taste gorgeous! So gifts such as: Deluxe Indulgence, California Dreams Gift Basket and A Trip To The Vineyard are some of my favourites!


I cannot help but mention this stunning bouquet of tulips, which no doubt any woman (I am not an exception) admires and secretly wishes for:

What do you wish customers knew when they call in?

I always wish customers knew in advance that they are contacting a company with "a soul." Each and every order that comes in is treated by people who care, value and enjoy what they do. I believe in not only the outcome, but also that the process and customer’s experience itself matter a great deal. That is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our high number of long-time returning customers speaks for itself, and won’t let us lie.


Since you’re so awesome and talented, and could clearly work anywhere, what makes you love working at grabs you and you do not want to let go. We are more than just colleagues; we are work-friends and work-family, which is rare to find and needs to be held onto. It still amazes me how people with such different backgrounds get along so well and function harmoniously to form a strong, long-lasting connections while staying professional. It is a constant motivation to know your boss hears you and genuinely cares about your well-being.
I feel privileged to be a part of such an outstanding team!

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