Meet Natasha Kvitka

Get to Know Natasha Kvitka!

With almost 15 years in digital marketing and online reputation management, Natasha is our go-to person when it comes to digital and communication strategies and analytics. After joining the GBO team in 2017, Natasha oversees digital marketing analysis and strategies in addition to managing the international language marketing team. In her spare time, Natasha is a loving wife, the mother of a wonderful teenage son, Max (who is also a GBO team member as a programming intern!), and a fitness & wellness geek. Natasha enjoys public speaking engagements about digital marketing and personal brand management, and blogs about her experience moving half a world away to start a new life in a new country.

Natasha Kvitka Digital Strategist

Tell us about yourself. What's interesting or fun about you? What do you love to do and why?

I am on a never-ending learning journey, always studying something new both academically and by meeting new people and listening to them. It's fun to think about it now, but as a teen I had difficulties communicating with others, and always preferred to study, work, and have free time alone. Now communications, be it with family and friends or with complete strangers, is the most enjoyable part of my life. Everything I learn that way I try to implement in my work.

What are your favorite holidays?

I am a Birthday and New Year's Eve type of person. These holidays evoke the best childhood memories within me: Mom baking a cake, presents beside the bed or under a Christmas tree... I still love them as an adult!

What are your favorite products in the GBO catalog?

I love everything that brings joy to people's life and serves some greater purpose as well. Did you see our gifts that pay it forward with donations to our environmental charity partner? They're just awesome!

What do you wish customers knew when they visit the website or see our advertising campaigns?

I wish for them to remember there are real caring people behind every interaction they have with Gift Baskets Overseas. We think about them way before they receive any piece of communication from us in the first place. We try to understand their values and concerns, feel out a problem or challenge – be it a personal or a business one – that they try to solve by sending a gift abroad. We aim to talk to them one-on-one on social media and in emails, in our videos and on the pages we create on the website for every occasion, need, holiday, or recipient they might think about.

Since you're so awesome and talented, and could clearly work anywhere, what makes you love working at

I love the Team. I must say it's the best working environment I’ve had in my professional life! I also enjoy the flexibility that allowed me to move to another country without missing a day of work, and work while I travel when I choose to. That's the 21st century workplace -- it's everywhere where you are.