Meet Margaret Crow

Get to Know Margaret Crow

From making sure every customer is provided the world’s best individual service, to providing that exact same care to each of her colleagues, Margaret is kind, smart, and constantly positive. Among the most valuable members on our team, Margaret has quickly worked her way up the ranks with her care about your gifts.

Tell us about yourself. What’s interesting or fun about you? What do you love to do, and why?

Traveling is my biggest obsession! Every new road you take leads you to new discoveries and emotions. I won’t trade this feeling of experiencing the amazing and beautiful world for anything else. I love to play tennis; I’ve been doing it with my family since my early childhood it’s had a great influence on me. I was lucky to be born in an absolutely spectacular place within reach of nature, so my connection with it is quite fundamental.

What are your favorite holidays?

To be honest, sometimes holidays start to lose their significance to me: taking into consideration the job I do, in some sort of way I spend many holidays with many people around the globe. Still, Easter comes to my mind and brings peace. Bonds are very strong in my family and to me, Easter is a great moment to celebrate them. Christmas as well, of course, but from the perspective of work - it's an absolutely crazy season for us that constantly makes you improve your abilities and extend your potential.

What are your favorite products in the GBO catalog?

My favorites are the fruit baskets, sometimes with champagne. The End Of The Year Bash for example; simply by customizing its decoration, you get a perfect gift for literally any occasion. Taste It All never needs a change – it’s already ideal with its golden middle.

What do you wish customers knew when they call in?

Even though clients call in with generally same issues and questions, every single order is always special and unique because each order always involves different customers and recipients. What I adore about this company, is its flexibility and personalized approach to every person we deal with, regardless of his concern. Despite having a reasonable and justified delivery policy, we are always keen to ensure our customer's satisfaction. As I've already mentioned, spending so many holidays a year with so many various people around the globe, it's simply impossible to not become a part of every story. Unfortunately, human error and dependency on shipping companies sometimes lead to unpredictable outcomes, I am confident though it is impossible to avoid them in this business. So I sincerely wish all disturbed customers to feel our positive intentions and return the feeling: having an amiable atmosphere helps to reach best solutions in the shortest period of time.


Since you’re so awesome and talented, and could clearly work anywhere, what makes you love working at

I love the balance it helps me to achieve with myself and surroundings. We value the cultivation and strengthening of great human qualities and advantages: kindness, understanding, compassion, sociability, flexibility of mind. The Team: it is impossible to provide this kind of service to customers without having the same positive relations in between the staff. I love the entire team and I value the opportunity to work together with all these awesome and talented people.

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