Meet Irina Fossil

Get to Know Irina Fossil!

No one represents GBO's philosophy of courtesy, kindness, and motivation like Irina Fossil. Her eternal optimism and true desire to help make her one of the most beloved members of our team. She is currently our Billing Manager, but her history as a Customer Service Manager and Corporate Gift Specialist along with her ever-present positivity and energy have helped shape our policies and training for the rest of the team in accounting, human resources, and customer satisfaction matters.

Tell us about yourself. What's interesting or fun about you? What do you love to do and why?

I love people: my family, my friends and colleagues, even our customers. I like helping to solve difficult problems, and if I can make someone smile or laugh while I’m doing it, that’s even better. I love doing whatever I can to make people happy.

What are your favorite holidays?

In the past, I liked such holidays as Birthdays and New Year. But now, my favorite ones are our busiest holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Christmas and Valentine’s Day were not holidays that I normally celebrated, but now each one has its own spirit for me. Christmas has become associated for me with business gifts more than with family presents. It is always our busiest season, and I love this kind of work when every team member is doing their best, and we spend many hours together here. Valentine’s Day always brings a romantic mood, even though it is the most stressful holiday for us because each person wants his gift to be delivered on this very date and even at an exact time. Still, the nice greeting cards with sweet notes and hearts with teddy bears – everyone loves these gifts! And Easter is a magical family holiday with tasty chocolate gifts and such warm wishes!

What are your favorite products in the GBO catalog?

For me, it’s not about the products as much as it is the decorations. I love to see all our lovely baskets decked out in pretty things. Pine branches and golden ribbons for Christmas, red and pink bows for Valentine’s Day, pastel colors for Easter – these things create special feelings for each season, and they make me feel blessed that I am a part of it, helping our customers to be closer to their nearest and dearest.


Bubbles and Chocolate Gift Basket to USALove to Indulge Gift Basket to USATowering Easter Delights Gift Basket to USA


What do you wish customers knew when they call in?

Since I love this job with a love that doesn't see any drawbacks in its object, and I always try to find the best way to resolve any issue, I would like to remind people who call us to please be a bit more kind to Customer Service Representatives. We are people just as you are, but when you are at holidays, we are at work. We always do our best to help you and to make you and your recipients happy. Sometimes issues happen – a package gets lost, a person makes a mistake, or even a big storm comes along and slows deliveries. When these things happen, we take it as close to our hearts as if it was our own order, and we get at least as upset as you do, because we really do understand that we’re not just shipping objects, we’re delivering emotions.

Sometimes an order or customer’s story is so important and emotional, we even cry when something goes awry. This might sound extreme, but to my mind, it is the most precious part of the job - these true emotions and the feeling that we are responsible for each order. I'm sure that this is our strong side. It makes unique, and it attracts me more than all other advantages.


Since you're so awesome and talented, and could clearly work anywhere, what makes you love working at

I really enjoy this job: I get to talk to people from different countries and of other cultures, and learn new things about their traditions and about communication between people. Sometimes we need to be like psychologists to find a solution; sometimes customers just need empathy and attention. It’s a great pleasure. I adore training new employees for our growing team; I get a chance to welcome them to our world and show them its unique atmosphere – and I get to see them discover for the first time, the experience that we get to enjoy every day.

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