Founding Story

Let me tell you a tale. An epic tale of the man who’s making it possible for you to get your gift. You see, he’s not just any man. And this isn’t just any gift company.

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Once, was just an idea trapped in a young man’s head screaming to get out, muffled by dozens of other things that were fighting for attention: A new, strange country; a love far away, the struggle to take care of his family. In 2004, Dmitriy Peregudov took the first steps on the adventure that’s led us all here: serving more than 200 countries with lovely gifts; easily connecting families, lovers, and businesses around the globe; giving the entire world Love Without Borders.

What of the trials led us here? Surely our heroic entrepreneur didn’t travel alone; who were his companions on the quest? Why hire a spiffy writer to talk so much about our brand?
Because GBO is full of like-minded dreamers led by a boss who wants to give his family, friends, employees – and even the world – opportunities like those he carved out for himself. He’s not just building a global gift company here (even though that part is pretty cool) – he’s also carving out a culture of affection, generosity, and creativity. And because if you want to know about those other people, then someone has to tell you.

So with as much concentration on just one subject as we could muster out of Mr. Peregudov, our intrepid bards (read: marketing team) have coaxed a few interviews out of him, collected his disjointed tales, and crafted a modern day e-commerce epic (far more exciting than it sounds, we’ll get our PR department on that).

The road has been long to get here, full of trials, magical moments, and even a dragon – it may not have breathed literal fire, but there was a battle, lives were nearly lost, and no pot of coffee was safe. Why was coffee the weapon of choice? You’re just going to have to keep visiting to read the rest of the story as it unfolds.


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